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“Find Your Way Or Die Trying”

•   Willing to do the task  and twelling my thoughts about which topic to chose for my next post, I found an article posted by a friend on facebook and was directly interested as the subject has a lot of explosive nature  with the growing worries about privacy and dataprotection

I wanted to get to know what was behind the accusation that Android and Apple cell phones save all of their users’data without their knowledge.

Was  it just a story to wake up people for the 1001st time to protect their data as we can already cite out of the sleep and goes into one ear to go out of the next?


So i
•    read through the article and also
•    visited the pages the first site gave the links as its
•    sources as well as
•    watched the video at the bottom of the page.
Because it were a lot of taps, I used evernote to sort them and compare them.
I searched for Carrier IQ google blog posts of the last 30 days and found a lot refering on the scandal.
•    I read through some of them and could notice a controversity

The sources were very different but had a common sense

The program Carrier IQ which is included in several Smartphones, is saving the behaviour of their users and by this does not exclude personal data that usually should be coded.

•    As Trevor Eckhart, the guy who detected this invisibly running program, asks in his video for people to speak out so that his voice is not the only one listened to,  I searched for reactions towards Carrier IQ

•    Again I had several taps opened, trying to get them sorted by evernote.

Because some reactions were playing down the scandal and confirming that the software can be deactivated if found on the cell phone, I googled test cell phone for Carrier Iq.

I found some blogs saying that in general, just US cellular phone users coud be affected.
•    Being sceptical I searched for Carrier Iq on German mobile phones
•    As there appeared a confirmation that Carrier IQ was already found on German Samsung modells, I wondered even more what Carrier IQ was (originally) created for .
Because I again found very diverse answers from  a harmless confirmation that they created Carrier IQ for the customer service to improve quality of connection and net to several blogs vieing each other with the description of the extent of the problem.
•    Finding the statement that in today’s times, giving up privacy is so advanced that Carrier IQ cannot be seen as an additional danger,
•     I googled advantages of carrier IQ, not really thinking it was possible that it has some.
•    Getting  in an never ending story of thesis-antithesis,I decided to let the laws define  whether this is legal or not and whether this is compatible to privacy  and data protection or not.
•    Therefore I decided to google legal action carrier iq.

We will see what will happen!

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  1. wow, i had no idea. great post, enjoyed the careful analysis and the reporting, thanks.

  2. Hi folks, – found this site unintentionally whilst roaming round the internet this morning, and happy that I did! I do like the style and design and tones, but I have to say that I’m having difficulties when it loads. I’m making use of Lynx 2.8 browser for mac, and the footer doesn’t lineup as it should be. i am convinced employed the exact same design on a company’s internet site, but the menu seems Ok on mine. I have an idea the error is with my outdated browser and I’m guessing it is time to swap!

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