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“Auch aus den Steinen, die in den Weg gelegt werden, lässt sich etwas Schönes bauen.

J. W. von Goethe

Trying to find our ways is a process of steady work and reflection.

Sometimes it might appear as if one is going a step back.

Imagine you thought you would have found out exactly what you want and if you got it, it doesn’t feel right at all.

Don’t give up!

Going one step back can also mean taking a run-up to go two steps forwards !

our aha-effects until now:


During my research I noticed that there are a lot of diverse, contrary, but also very interesting opinions in the web. While I was comparing and evaluating the different blogs I got a bigger picture of the topic and it sometimes also made me change my mind.

I noticed also how much time I need to research a topic comprehensively.

As CSR really interests me I can image to work in that field later.


While researching for our weekly blog post over the last few weeks I’ve found out that writing a blog is really different from writing an article for a journal, for example.
At the beginning my posts were really long and more structured like a newspaper article. I have the feeling this has changed a bit over the weeks.
I found out that I really enjoy writing. I enjoy writing about current or past events that are related to economics as well as the social aspect. I could imagine that I might apply for an internship in the field of journalism over semester break.


At the beginning of our blogging-session I felt a bit overtaxed as I had never done this before and knew that it was not just a possibility to freely detect, investigate and develop my interests and grow while doing this, but also a thing I would directly have to do as perfect as I can because I knew it was getting graded in the end.
Usually, a thing I originally found interesting becomes a nasty duty as soon as there is any pressure put on or as soon as it will be graded.
Not so with the blogging as I have to admit. Sure, it takes a lot of time to research, compare, dig deeper into it, and decide which sources to use for the blog and finally writing the post.
But starting from a point and having no idea where I am going and how I would end up became very appealing to me.
What I learned was that during the researches I have to set myself both a time limit and a limit of different perspectives and opinions I want to get to know, as the amount of resources is overwhelming.
I learned to concentrate on what is ‘interesting enough’ for me to spend time on reading and what I can consider to be of not much concern for my topic.
I could notice that the topic Corporate Social Responsibility is very appealing to me, I learned that the most interesting sub-topic for me became working conditions and working environment, but that it is also important to motivate myself getting interested broader perspectives.

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