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My way through the “internet jungle” – Preparation for my next blog post

Preparations: What topic should I choose? What questions I want to get answered? How to get through the “internet jungle” full of information?

The first and most difficult thing before starting to write a blog is to choose a topic which is interesting for you but also attractive for your blog readers.  After writing my last blog post about organic clothing and the new campaigns of H&M, Nike and Adidas which follow the green trend and produce organic ethical garments I got a lot of positive feedback from my classmates. They were very into that topic and asked me a bunch of questions.

Because of that reaction I decided to continue with the topic in order to answer the questions of my classmates and also to find out for myself why some companies are integrating now more and more Cooperate Social Responsibility into their business.

Recently I am thinking a lot about working later for a company which takes care of the environment and social belongings. The blogging task we have to do for university helps me now to get deeper into that field which I really appreciate. During my research the following questions came into my mind:

  • Is CSR just a current trend?
  • How many companies are participating?
  •  Is it a big or small number of companies?
  • Which companies are participating?
  • Small, Midsized or huge ones?
  • In which branches are the companies operating? 
  • And are there also some negative aspects and criticism on Corporate Social Responsiblity?

Before getting started with the real research I read through the article “on the transparency of search, source, and argument” my professor recommended in order to get a good structured and researched blog post.

Then I opened some internet browser taps for my research, which made it easier to contrast, compare and evaluate the information I found. I also took a normal  piece of paper and a pencil to draw a mind map (I know I am a bit old-fashioned here, if you like to do it online, check out mindmeister.com)  for my thoughts and opened up Evernote to take notes. In order to find out more about the pros and cons of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to get a better and broader picture of my topic I created two columns “pro” and “cons” to compare and contrast easily the information I had read in the web.

Research – How I found my way through the information jungle?

In order to find the latest information about the topic I looked for blog posts of the last 30 days. I skimmed through some articles and broadened and narrowed my research. Often I noticed that the blog post was not interesting enough or too superficial. I looked up also some offical web pages and newspaper articles to get different opinions of experts. I watched some videos which showed in addition to the blogs and articles visual information and striking pictures.

My view got broader as the articles and opinions differed. I was surprised! I hadn’t expect to read so many articles with controversial arguments about CRS. I contrasted and compared and sorted them all by using Evernote and my two column system.

During my research I found really interesting and keen blog posts like “Call for Papers: Corporate Social Responsibiliy and Irresponsiblity” and I also was astonished that there is something like a  global platform “UN Global Compact” which convenes companies to support fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

After ending my research I noticed that I had discovered a lot of very useful, interesting and different information about the CSR topic.

Are you curious now? – Hope so!

I am looking forward to inform you about what I found out in my next blog post.

See you soon!


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  1. Nicely done, Kathrin, and it will become even stronger and more fascinating, now that we know your method, when you describe how the ideas/content developed, or? Good work!

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  4. Appreciate the blog, in fact got here as a result of checking yahoo and google for a very similar subject to this particular post. So this may be a late post nevertheless keep up the good work.

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