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Everything began with an extremely interesting article I found by accident checking different websites of German newspapers. I do this on a regular basis to stay informed and read the comments to see what people’s reactions are.
The topic of a sustainable future, of an economy without constant growth had been in my mind before but after having read about it again I thought ” Man, this is interesting. Let’s check the web for more details and opinions.”


 Three simple words
So I typed three words in to the Google Blog Search. Post Growth Economy. And it seemed as if I entered an entirely new world. I found blogs with provoking titles promoting “Social, Environmental and Economic Justice”. I found one interesting

Blog answering lots of questions skeptics might have on its FAQ site. Furthermore, I discovered a book review of the book called “Prosperity Without Growth”.
Looking at all of these posts I wondered how countries measure the happiness of their people. Or the progress towards a more open, liberal peaceful society? I discovered that the country Bhutan uses an index called “Gross national Happiness” to measure its human development. Looking at happiness I rapidly discovered that this is closely linked to the environment as well.

Three simple bullet points

Having informed myself and seen various aspects as well as pros and cons I now want to start writing my post. In this post I want due to my research focus on three aspects of this post growth theory:
– Growth vs. Life after Growth
– People’s happiness
– Environmental Aspects

Comments welcome!

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  1. VERY nice, Johannes! I love the rhetoric of:

    “accident, keeping in mind, keeping informed, checking the web, typed, found, found, discovered, wondered, discovered, discovered, want …

    What might also be interesting to find here are such active verbs as, “thought, reasoned, considered, calculated, … ” where we see not simply accidents, but choices and intentions, on your part, suggesting not a leaf blown about by the winds of change, but a professional identifying relevant topics, issues, and arguments.

    Also, I’d love to know who else is actively researching these issues: to know their names, read short summaries of their arguments, and secondarily, what you think or feel about them.

    You have my permission, if you need it, to not write the finished post next, but instead to conduct your research using active researcher verbs and identifying the professionals who have researched and thought about your issues.

    Does that sorta make sense?


  2. Nico

     /  December 17, 2011

    This is a great stroy about you having found a topic just for your fields of interest. I like how you, after being informed, started to create own ideas and thoughts to write about. You’re thinking man, I’m feelin it.

  3. Lucas

     /  December 20, 2011

    I am really curious about the average happiness in China.
    The post has been fun to read and easy to follow. Hopefully the final post reaches the expectations..


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