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Start 2.0

I am very interested in the idea of a post growth economy. As I stated in my last blog post I found some interesting articles dealing with the topic.
I actually had the intention of starting to write a complete and coherent, well- structured post today. But as I have moved along informing myself and reading more opinions on the web, I feel like I have to structure myself and the arguments more. Therefore I will not write a complete blog post this time but work out an outline for next week instead.

 The Process
I sit in front of my computer and feel overwhelmed by the number of open tabs and information. Ok, let’s clean this up.
I think I will start off my next post with presenting the topic. A general overview. To see what a post growth economy is all about and why it might be interesting/ necessary to consider a non indefinite growth of the global economy. Next step I am doing now, I am trying to bring all of the open tabs down to two to three blogs in favor of a post growth economy and about two to three blogs against it. I want to lay down the pros and cons.

In favor:

1. “New Year Sales, Debt Addiction” (The unsustainability of debt)

2. “Goodbye ‘Shop Til You Drop” Mentality” (Discussing an economist’s opinion why the current economy is failing)

3. “The New Optimism for the Post Growth Economy” (Criticizing the current state of the economy)


1. “Economic Growth: It’s Not Dead Yet” (Growth will not stop because of steady innovations)

2. “Do We Need More Economic Growth?” (Growth is necessary to solve debt problems and face climate change)

The Economists
To give this topic a more serious background and to not only cite blogs I will introduce acknowledged spokespersons promoting a new world economy.  Herman Daly, Tim Jackson as well as Serge Latouche are economists who declare an end of the era of indefinite global growth. I will state their reasoning.

Growth≠ Progress?
After having presented the topic and the influence of a steady growth on the environment and on people I want to raise the question if economic growth actually means progress and development towards a better world. Is this just an idea of a few hippies, trying to preserve the earth or do we actually face a serious problem and need to let go old habits. Is Bhutans index called “Gross National Happiness” a better way to measure the economic and social developments of a society?

A discussion would about this topic would be great.

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1 Comment

  1. Nico

     /  January 9, 2012

    First of all, you point out clearly your ideas and thoughts about a certain topic.
    That’s great because one really can relate to what is going on in your head.
    The way you formulate your thoughts connects!

    Second, you developped an idea, not just on a conceptual level (structure, way of research), but also with regards to content.
    Nice job!


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