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About Us

This is a blog about Corporate Social Responsibility written by Kathrin, Martin and Viola.

Our world is growing together: we travel to different continents, we eat food which comes from all around the globe and we get more and more connected via the internet by sharing views and opinions through blog post and social platforms. We all have one objective. We want to live peacefully in a world in which also our future children or grandchildren can live in harmony. However, to make this possible we should take care of each other and try to make the world a better place. We are very interested in Corporate Social Responsibility because we think it improves the quality of life of all people living on this planet. We think Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) has always been important, but it has become even more relevant in the 21st century.

For us, behaving social responsibly means taking an overall responsible attitude: – Going beyond the minimum legal requirements and following social and ethical principles.

Kathrin- The Discoverer

Born in Germany, social engaged, studying in Berlin
I am interested in different cultures, economics and social concerns.
My motivation to write this blog is to find out more about this very current and exciting topic. As I would like to work later in CSR I am thankful for the opportunity to research about it. In this blog I and my team members Viola and Martin want to discover striking, interesting and important aspects and stories of Corporate Social Responsibility and its related topics.

Martin- The Storyteller

Born in Germany, widely traveled, currently living in Berlin
I am interested in politics and economics. Writing this blog gives me the perfect opportunity to combine the two topics and discover an amazingly big amount of interesting news. But it is not only the news that interest us, it is the stories behind the news. Life is all about stories. Stories touch our heart and make us think and act.
May my stories help you to reflect and start thinking.

Viola- The Critic

Country bumpkin with oversized sense of justice, now studying in Berlin.
I am convinced that following a pace of CSR can conflict with the maximization paradigm concerning profits of businesses.
But in my opinion, the maintenance of humanity as well as the continuance of harmonic, healthy life on earth should be worth it.As broad as my interests are, as broad is the definition of CSR.
This allows me to investigate different areas and I hope to experience enough to let this influence my way of living, thinking and behaving.

We look forward to broadening our mind as far as CSR and related topics concerns and invite all interested blog readers to follow and comment our blog posts.

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