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‘A Global Love’ ? – The Next Utopia !?

If all work together and they are still powerless
After my laptop broke down and I could experience how important it is to have an external hard drive and to back-up everything important, my sisters and I wanted to give my father one for Christmas.
Standing in the shop, being shocked by the prices, a shop assistant told us that the prices were this high because of the flood in Thailand.

According to the boston globe,  the prices of external hard drives sold at retail electronic stores had skyrocketed in November because about 40 percent of the world’s supply of hard drives are made in Thailand and the estimated drop in worldwide hard drive production was 30 percent for last year’s fourth quarter.
Lucas Mearian confirmed in the end of December 2011 that, whereas the prices of the hard drives are slowly shrinking and recovering, the  hard disk drive supply shortages in the wake of Thailand flooding would affect consumers, computer system manufacturers and corporate IT shops until 2013. (more…)


Exxon Mobil in ‘The day the water died’

This blog post is about Exxon Mobil’s oil spill catastrophe Exxon Valdez in 1989 and its reaction to it. During the research I want to learn more about the tremendous oil spill, I want to find out if and how the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility changed after the disaster and to get some important questions answered. This blog post is the continuation of my last blog post where I reported about BP’s oil spill Deep Water Horizon in 2010.


The Solution to Save the World

Ok, now let’s get to it. My last two posts were about how I would structure and write my next post. Now I am really excited to finally write it down.

Everyday as we watch the news we observe crises. We watch how the world financial crisis turns into an economic crisis. People lose their jobs. Some countries can not afford to provide social welfare to their citizens any longer. The German government provides billions of euros to stabilize highly indebted countries such as Greece or Italy. The result: protests, pain and panic



Look out! Stop the ‘Killer Jeans’!

When I wake up in the morning light. I put on my jeans and I feel alright. I pull my blue jeans on, I pull my old blue jeans on!

 David Dunda’s jingle “Jeans on” for Brutus Jeans in 1976

Jeans are sexy, comfortable and variable. Jeans are great, however not all of them! One of the latest jeans fashion trend has been sandblasted jeans.

Sandblasting gives denim a worn, faded look which has become very popular. Beth Buczynski’s blog “Are your designer jeans making factory workers stick?” points out that during the treatment process which is normally done in factories of developing countries, silica from the sand is inhaled by the workers which increases the risk of a disabling lung disease called silicosis. (more…)


Last Tuesday Israel Fashion Week hit the runway and famous international designers like the Italian designer Roberto Cavalli waved to the crowds of fans lining the catwalk. Thousands attended the three-day extravaganza to find out what to wear in spring 2012!

We love fashion! We love clothes!

We spend a lot of time and money on creating the perfect outfit.

I KNOW my wardrobe is full… i STill don’t have anything to wear!!!

The most important for us as consumer usually is that clothes are good-looking, easy to handle and not too expensive. However have we ever thought beyond that point of view? Clothes should not only be fashionable and beautiful they should also be skin-friendly, good for our health and environment-friendly! (more…)

Changing colours….think green!

In the news we are hearing nowadays a lot about climate change, environmental protection and CO2 emissions. We all know that we should separate our garbage, use the bike or the bus instead of the car, take a shower instead of a bath or use the new LED energy-saving lamps instead of the old light bulb.

How about computing technology? How can we act here to save a lot of energy and protect our environment?

We all work daily with our PCs or laptops, at work, university and even in schools. Do we know how we can act environmentally friendly here? To be honest I didn’t know! So my first blog is about green computing and I am sure after writing this blog you and I will know a lot more about green computing and also about energy-saving! (more…)

Hello world!

Hello guys,

we are 3 IBMAN (International Business Management) students from Berlin (HWR)
For our Business Application lecture we are going  to find out our own interests. We are going to investigate different topics considered to be part of Corporate Social Responsibility and are excited where this will lead us to.

At the moment, it seems like “just another task to do”. -We will see if or how we are changing our mind, where we are going to end up and how we are going to manage this team work experience.

We invite you to follow us and are looking forward to your comments. 🙂