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No CSR Without Women?

Having visited the Green Week, I met a lot of people and was able to get lots of information about fair-trade, innovations, sustainability, environmental concerns and so on. I could listen to presentations and talk to people on my own. One sentence I was told was that CSR would be “more a feminine thing”.

Is there some truth in it? Or is it just a dumb way of getting done with CSR? (more…)


The Solution to Save the World

Ok, now let’s get to it. My last two posts were about how I would structure and write my next post. Now I am really excited to finally write it down.

Everyday as we watch the news we observe crises. We watch how the world financial crisis turns into an economic crisis. People lose their jobs. Some countries can not afford to provide social welfare to their citizens any longer. The German government provides billions of euros to stabilize highly indebted countries such as Greece or Italy. The result: protests, pain and panic



9-To-5 Would Mean Paradise

The expression „9-to-5“, which is derived from American business which traditionally had the opening hours 9 a.m. to 5.p.m., Monday to Friday shall suggest one has 40 working hours per week ( 5 days * 8 hours/day).

It’s an open secret that this is utopian and that 40 hours will never result in 40 hours. For ‘important customers’, ‘urgent tasks’ or other absolutely ‘unpostponable things’, working hours per week can easily become 48, 50 or even 60.

This can happen in each kind of business sectors.

  • The escapist gives an example for the game developing industry: “Every game developer usually goes through a period where a lot more work needs to be done to finish a game by a deadline than can fit in a 40-hour work week. Sometimes, that week balloons to 80 hours or more just to meet the ambitious milestones set by publishers and game producers.” (more…)