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When The Light Goes Out…

Doing research for my last post, I often got the link between exaggerated working hours and unhuman schedules and the burn-out. Well, at the moment we hear about that Mr. Burn-out in every sector.
Stars, soccer players, managers…It spares nobody. As the Aquinian states, Burnout is the prolonged existence of stresses with the prolonged absence of supports.

The symptoms
As the blog „leading people to lead people“states   “It’s insidious, it creeps on you. At first you don’t notice, you brush it off as tiredness or the latent effects of a night out. You can cope, an extra cup of coffee, a Red Bull, a Panadol for the headache and you will be fine.”
They describe the further progression of the vital exhaustion as you wondering why your spouse is giving you those disapproving looks; sure, you have been a bit grumpy but surely they should be supportive, after all your work, all your effort and all the sleepless nights you spent lying in bed with the head in the office. Things start to build up, you can’t clear your inbox or your call list and things start to slip through the cracks. You start to go from crisis to crisis and you don’t know who you are anymore. (more…)